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    • DasaWeb LTD, Registerd Office: Salisbury House 81 High Street, Heartfordshire UK EN6 5AS | Operational Headquarters: Viale Delle Scienze Edificio n. 16 - Consorzio ARCA, Palermo 90126 (IT). All information on this website is in accordance with the english law, including the copyright and the intellectual property policy. DASAWEB possesses all the rights to copy and distribute the content of the website especially the design and the images.

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    • Viewing the resources available on dasaweb.net websites doesn't require supplying your personal data. However, some elements of the website, such as contact forms, application forms or orders ask for personal details to enable the contact or offer of a suitable service.

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Domain names

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Web hosting

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Virtual Servers

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Special Conditions for Website Hosting Services on a VPS 2016 PDF

Dedicated servers

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