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Aboutthe story of us

About DasaWeb

We're in the business of hosting great ideas.

DasaWeb born 18 January 2014 and is a company of Web Hosting was born in Sicily from an idea of ​​its current CEO.

He is currently established in the field of Cloud Computing and domain registration services with 200+ adjustable extensions.

It currently has its presence in 8 DataCenter spread between Europe and the United States of America, is a rapidly growing and expanding.

Why Choose DasaWeb?


We provide cutting-edge services with the best results currently existing technologies on the market.


Our quality products are highly regarded by our customers with excellent references.


We always give added value to what we do and we are unique in our field, seeing is believing.


We constantly invest on research in the field in order to provide tomorrow the same quality that we give today to our customers.

Inside Our Data Center

Our data centers are located in the following locations: Palermo (IT), Milano (IT), Düsseldorf(DE), Amsterdam(NL), Roubaix (FR), Strasbourg (FR), Beauharnois(USA), London(UK).

Our Team



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